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12 Signs Your Bedroom Needs More Attention

Sleep is the most essential way in with our bodies recover energy, heal, and develop. Yet, for the majority of us, sleep is treated as this sort of 'nuisance' and we only sleep because 'we need to'. Yes, you absolutely need to sleep, but most importantly, you need to ensure you're providing yourself with the most optimal sleep environment so you aren't losing out on significant benefits that comes from getting proper sleep. Not to mention, there are a lot of underlying costs you encounter as well.

So, where do we begin?

Fun fact: If you're lucky, you spend about 1/3 of your life on a bed. That's a lot of time.

Yes, us humans sleep around 8 hours per night on average, and that equates to a whopping one-third of our lives sleeping. The other 2/3's you're spending at work or trying to figure out how to entertain yourself.

Another fun fact: You probably spent more money on groceries for the last 2-3 weeks than you've spent on your bedroom in the last 5 years. (Go on, check your receipts.)

On average, people spend about $100 per week on groceries for a small family, and upwards of $200-300 per week for a larger family. And even more is spent regularly on entertainment, vanity meals, and other mundane subscription plans. Yet, practically $0 is invested in the bedroom over a 5 year period, where nearly everything is essentially left abandoned until it is so old (or disgusting) that changes are only made after being essentially forced to.

Perhaps a few of things will ring a bell...

  • "It might be time for my mattress to go, the support just got so bad all of the sudden. Now that I think about it, I have probably been sleeping on my boxspring the last 3 years. Hmm..."
  • "At first my pillows were white, but apparently I have dreams with chocolate ice cream that oozes from my ears, because my pillows have this weird swirly brown color going on and no idea how that happened. My handy pillow case reminds me just how clean my pillows really are though."
  • "My sheet set is amazing. It has this nice velvety feel to it, they're super cool so I don't sweat, and they're a dream to sleep on. -- Eh, who am I fooling. These things are so old I may as well be sleeping on a beach towel."

So why do we neglect our bedrooms so much? Is it intentional? Or is it simply that we don't put as much focus on our bedroom, because we feel it's that room sort of 'hiding' in the background and we only go into it when we need to? Surely, we all love paying attention to the kitchen and living room, because when our friends came over we'd look like doofuses if they weren't looking awesome. But our bedrooms are significantly more important. The bedroom is the most important room in your house because that is where you spend the majority of your time sleeping.

Look, we all eventually find comfort in discomfort - everyone has been guilty of that to some extent - we call it 'getting used to it'. Similar to how a hot tub feels hot at first and we eventually become accustomed to it and can tolerate it. But it doesn't need to be this way in your bedroom. It shouldn't just be tolerated. It should be given the attention it needs, so it can live up to the standard it truly needs.


12 Signs Your Bedroom Needs More Attention

1. Look at your mattress without the sheets on it, straight across the top of it at eye level. If it's sagging in the middle areas significantly, that means you're not getting the support it was initially designed to give you. This means your spine might not be in alignment, or your body is getting too much pressure in certain areas. Consider ranking your comfort on your mattress from 1-10 and see how you truly feel about it.

2. Are your pillows brown stained from sweat and dirt. While this might not be a cause for immediate replacement, it is something to consider in terms of hygiene. Would you wear the same t-shirt for 3 years without washing it or replacing it? Check the label and wash it. Or if the sight of them bug you, just replace them. Consider waterproof pillow cases in the future to protect them.

3. Are your pillows evenly distributing their fullness, or are they compacted down and lopsided. This may be creating a scenario for poor neck support.

4. Drag your hand along your sheets. Do they feel anywhere remotely similar to when you first bought them. With age, fabrics deteriorate and they lose their initial luster, causing them to trap heat as well as feel rougher. Similar to how a t-shirt might look/feel after you've owned it a few years.

5. The space below your bedframe is a breeding ground for dust. If you haven't moved the bedframe to clean under it, chances are, you're inhaling dust, dirt, and dead skin, which can lead to allergy issues and breathing issues. If you have pets that sleep under the bed, this is even worse for them.

6. Is your bedframe squeaking and shifting when you go to lay down in it. Perhaps a good time to grab the screw driver and tighten up the screws or bolts. This will bring a lot of peace of mind and make your bed feel newer again.

7. Does moving around your mattress wake up your significant other? It's probably time to assess the situation. Spring mattress are most common for this attribute of movement being detected easily, but so can other mattresses, with time. Just one small bit of stress you or your partner don't need, is being woken in the middle of the night for no good reason. It can also disrupt sleep cycles, even when not woken completely.

8. Finding yourself or you and your significant other with no room to shift around and getting comfortable? Probably time for a larger mattress. Give yourself room to sleep and extend your limbs. You shouldn't have to feel like you're sleeping in a tube.

9. Are you not able to sleep with your blanket because its always too hot? Time to find a blanket or duvet that allows more breathability. If you're always battling hot/cold that means you're waking up or shifting unnecessarily, causing disruptions in your sleep, and possibly dehydrating yourself, making you want to always keep water at your bedside.

10. If you don't have a waterproof mattress cover, definitely grab one. They'll give you peace of mind keeping your mattress clean from sweat, dirt, messes, and other liquids, and protects your investment for when you choose to sell your mattress later on, so it always looks brand new.

11. Bedroom always cluttered with clothes and other items? Consider adding more storage options, so you can keep it more organized. You can't get good rest in the middle of total chaos.

12. Consider an bench at the foot of your bed if you don't any place to sit. This makes sitting much easier, and lets you do it without messing up the bed.
Is your room too bright to sleep? Or sun rises waking you up early? Get some black-out blinds, so you can sleep uninterrupted by the extra light.


At the end of the day, the main message we want to distribute here is giving more attention to your bedroom. Really analyze each element of it, and give it attention more frequently. You'll get better sleep, resulting in less stress. You'll get more proper sleep, resulting in less fatigue, aching, and soreness. And you'll get a deeper sleep, resulting in feeling more refreshed and energetic after each night. And, when you bring your friends over, you'll be proud to show them where you spend your nights to rest, and not keeping the door shut.

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